Black steel pipes are small in maintenance and high in strength, making them ideal for transporting water and natural gas in rural and urban areas. In particular, black steel is used for gas because it has no seams and greatly reduces the possibility of gas leakage. The petroleum and petroleum industries use black steel pipes to move large amounts of oil over long distances, such as refineries or from chemical processing plants to distribution centers. steel tubing manufacturer in China

For safety reasons, these buildings may be far from the city, so the pipes need to be reliable over long distances. Black steel pipes are also suitable for protecting electrical wires and pipes that carry high pressure steam and air. Other black steel pipe applications include wells, gas distribution and sewage systems. Most companies and homes use black steel pipes to transport natural gas or propane gas. These are the sources of fuel used to heat a home or cook food on a gas stove.

What are black steel pipes

Another unique use of Black Steel is sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems. Black pipes can withstand heat better than competing types of pipes, so it is suitable for sprinklers seen in industrial buildings. A pipe that melts or performs poorly when extreme heat is applied does not provide any benefit in extinguishing a fire. The pipeline will only destroy and be short of water rather than the desired destination. Because of the low coating of black steel tubes, they are commonly used in these sprinkler systems. Oxygen in the water is deprived, reducing the likelihood of corrosion. However, black steel pipes can corrode in uniform wall thinning.

It should be noted that black steel pipes have two disadvantages. The first is corrosion. Black steel pipes lack a galvanized coating and are therefore more susceptible to breakage over time. This black steel tube is more susceptible to breakage over time when exposed to rain or moisture. There are several ways to prevent corrosion of black steel pipes. Clean the surface of the black steel pipe to remove any rust, loose paint or oil is very important. The pipe requires some extra protective layer and can be done by applying the rust-preventive primer to the outside of the pipe. This method is recommended because it allows for quick and easy application.4 in square tubing

You should apply a primer first, then wait for it to dry before adding another layer of paint. Multiple layers can be suggested based on the expected life of the pipeline. This will help add extra life to the black steel pipe. The second drawback is minerals. No coating means that minerals will slowly adhere to the pipe and accumulate over time, causing blockages. In the case of “hard water” deposits can be formed in which harmless minerals are present. Although the lack of oil or natural gas in rural areas is not pleasant, the blocked pipes that should provide clean drinking water are the most terrible, so galvanized pipes transport drinking water, while black pipes transport oil, natural gas and septic materials.