Solar photovoltaic supports use aluminum alloy photovoltaic brackets or steel brackets, many photovoltaic projects are always in the construction of such choices. Usually when selecting or purchasing photovoltaic supports galvanised c section purlins, it is usually considered whether the strength of the photovoltaic support can meet the wind, snow and other resistance. Whether the anti-corrosion performance is the service life of the power station and whether the price meets the budget.

First of all, in terms of strength analysis, the strength of aluminum alloy (usually selected aluminum alloy model 6063-T5) is weaker than that of steel (Q235B), so the wind resistance requirement is relatively high, or the actual application span is relatively large. It is recommended to use steel brackets to meet the strength requirements, while aluminum alloy photovoltaic brackets are mostly used in general areas.

Secondly, the anti-corrosion performance is also a relatively important parameter of the photovoltaic support, because the anti-corrosion advantages and disadvantages not only affect the service life of the power station, but also affect the appearance. Generally, the surface of the steel bracket is treated by hot-dip galvanizing. Generally, it is required to be 65μ or more. Under normal conditions, the service life of 20 years can be ensured, but regular maintenance is required, and the surface of the aluminum alloy bracket is anodized to form a dense oxide film with long corrosion resistance. It is superior to steel brackets, and the surface of aluminum alloy photovoltaic brackets is also better than steel brackets.

Finally, compare the price of the two. If the strength requirement is relatively high, if you must use the aluminum alloy photovoltaic bracket, you can only meet the requirements by increasing the material, and the price of the aluminum alloy on the market is about 3 times that of the steel bracket. Therefore, the cost of aluminum alloy photovoltaic supports will be much higher than steel supports. In the case of general strength requirements, such as color steel tile roof photovoltaic brackets, usually the span is relatively small, so the strength requirements are not high, the aluminum alloy brackets that meet the strength are basically close to the steel brackets in cost, and due to the processing technology The difference is that the variety of the cross section of the aluminum alloy bracket can make the aluminum alloy bracket rich in form and convenient to install. When choosing a PV bracket, you must choose the most suitable one for different application requirements.