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ODEER has our own talented R&D team, lean production management system, strict QA system and professional Labs. About 1000 employees, 40 production lines with IPD system and ISO certified. Tailor the style, colour and lighting effect of the new D700+ LED Downlight with our range of interchangeable fascias and filters. Choose from a range of colour temperatures, such as 2700K for that warm light feeling of a fireside . This 360-degree gimbal downlight features an airtight system. The D700+ provides users with complete control over beam direction without allowing conditioned air to escape through the ceiling. It’s also an IC-rated downlight and can be abutted with insulation. LED wall fixtures for interior or exterior applications – from decorative to commercial vandal-proof. HiTECH TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a professional high-quality commercial LED lighting supplier, we based in Shenzhen, China and have over 10 years of lighting experience.

The H6 housing is IC rated, airtight, inherently protected and, when ordered with a GU24 socket, California Title-24 compliant. AX2SQ 2 INCH LED Discreet and aesthetically stunning, the AX2 multiples deliver 800 to 1500 lumens per head of high-precision, adjustable accent lighting. CSL offers designers an innovative line of recessed downlights and cylinders that are easy to install and can be adjusted below the ceiling. The patented optic system provides 45° aiming with infinite rotation and zero cut off. GyroShift technology brings the full beam of light where you need it. The power supply/transformer included with this kit supports up to thirty standard LED recessed lights or twenty-four NexGen lights. If you are ordering additional downlights with your kit, you can select an upgraded transformer when you purchase.

See if this product qualifies for a utility incentive program. Taking a total systems approach, Portfolio LED downlight components are specifically engineered for the latest in LED technology, ensuring optimal luminaire efficacy and quality performance. Chances are you enjoyed our hotel bedding at a resort, cruise line, or romantic bed & breakfast. Downlite offers the same hotel pillows and hotel comforters used at these fine properties for your home. We also provide you options for an upgraded version that features bigger sizes, higher thread count, or fill power than a property would use. Brightening up a bedroom can quickly turn your cozy space into a dream, and helpfully shine a light on the difference between navy & black. Downlights that are spaced evenly create a bright, productive workspace. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. The burnished silver leaf metal pendants by Aerin for Visual Comfort provide gentle downlight, tie to the stools, and don’t stand out.

 adjustable beam angle Deep anti-glare rimless Die casting aluminum ceiling spotlight

Fixed and adjustable, single and twin, minimal trim and trimless. All available with plain, honeycomb and prismatic diffuser. Perfect for residential houses, hotels, restaurants and bars, etc. Downlight types include pinhole, keyhole, wall wash, mirror reflector, baffle fixed, baffle adjustable, etc. Great for hotel rooms, residential rooms, lounge, offices, meeting rooms, public areas, etc. Miniature LED downlights are ideal for spaces where conventional light fittings cannot fit. We offer a range of awesome mini LED downlights including deep, pinhole, keyhole, wall wash and semi recessed, etc. They are great for display lighting and general lighting in cabinets, cupboards, bookcases, furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, corridors, lifts and so on. The main feature of the housing is designed to ensure that no flammable materials come into contact with the hot lighting fixture. Badly-housed downlights can be a fire hazard, though all newer ones contain a self-resetting thermal switch for safety.

Recessed downlights provide elegant, modern lighting in the dining room of a private residence in Ratingen, Germany. Most recessed lights are not compatible with insulation and oftentimes start cycling on/off after they have been buried with cellulose, foam, fiberglass, etc. The lights’ malfunction is a concern and a safety hazard. Pushing the insulation away is not an effective solution since it creates air passages in the building envelope and wastes energy. As the name suggests, this trim-type allows the beam-angle to be adjusted so you can let the focus lay where it is required the most. This trim-design is preferred more so for accent or wall-wash lighting needs.

In an ideal world, we needn’t ever rely on emergency lighting, but we know that isn’t always the case. By having a dimming feature with your downlights, it allows you to freely alter the brightness/light levels of the room, thus saving you energy. When changing existing track lights, downlights or accent lights, please note that some transformers are made for older, less efficient light source causing the light to flicker or dim poorly. The next step to keep in mind is the light appearance provided by the downlight, also known as the colour temperature. Colour Temperature is measured in Kelvin , and comes in a number of shades from warm white, cool white to daylight. Many of us are used to growing up looking at wattages in the era of incandescent light bulb. A bulb’s wattage expresses the quantity of power necessary for it to operate, however it has no connection to the light it emits. The illumination of the LED downlight is measured in lumens .

You can create circles of any size by varying the height of the lamp. If the light is placed above the element to be illuminated, it is down lighting. Down lighting is simply lighting up your garden with lamps that are angled down, not up. When you place lamps above an object instead of below it, the result imitates natural light. Browse the SlimSurface LED Downlightproducts and find the product that you are looking for. Installation is done quickly and easily in most standard frames. EXO offers specification-grade lighting with a geometric decorative design and is your solution for task and general illumination with multiple options of finish, size and aimable beam spreads.

Flip the breaker switch to the off position to cut power to that part of your home. Test the wires and outlets with a wire tester to make sure they don’t have voltage running through them. Measure the rear diameter of the light to know the size of the cut out. Set the light down so the bulb is on the bottom and the part that would be inside your ceiling points up. Use a tape measure to find the diameter of the light so you know how large the hole needs to be. Don’t measure the side of the light that has trim around it, or else you’ll cut the hole too large. Choose a downlight that’s short enough to fit in your ceiling. Downlights usually have a tall cylindrical shape so the bulb recesses into your ceiling. Usually, your ceiling will have 6 inches of space behind it, but it may vary depending on the age of your home. Get a bulb that has LEDs and emits about 35 watts so it’s bright enough for your room.

Instantly set the mood for any occasion with 16 million colors of light. Transform any room for an immersive entertainment experience, create the perfect atmosphere for a get-together with friends, or complement your home decor. Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant when paired with a compatible Google Nest or Amazon Echo device. Simple voice commands allow you to control multiple lights in a room or just a single lamp. Vision Lighting provides ideal down-lighting solutions through a wide range of downlights including, Diffused, COB + Reflector, Low Glare, Surface Mount and Outdoor downlight applications. No matter what stage the project is in, the DRD2 can adapt. DRD2 is compatible with new construction and remodel housings and can be retrofitted into your existing housings. Browse the Mini Downlight LEDproducts and find the product that you are looking for.

You can put the lights further or closer apart if you need to. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products at reasonable and affordable prices. For full products & information, please download our brochure or get in touch with us. The luminous trims combine the diffused quality of lensed trim but with an open downlight component. Lens trim is designed to provide a diffused light and protect the lamp. There are cone trims which produce a low-brightness aperture.

The narrower the beam angle the more focused the light energy is. Topaz’s Slim Fit “Can-less” LED Luminaires come in CCT Selectable or Standard styles. Our LED Slim Recessed Downlight fixtures mount directly into the ceiling for easy installation. Eco Downlights 1″, 3″, 5″ energy saving downlights, contractor friendly, easy to install. GyroShift Multiples 3″, 4″ multiple downlights adjustable while installed —no tools needed. GyroShift Downlights 1″, 2″, 3″ adjustable downlights with 45° aiming, infinite rotation, and minimal cutoff. Install housing to the ceiling joists with the adjustable steel hanger bars . This kind of outdoor down lighting makes nighttime garden use safer and more secure.

If you are looking for a way to open up a room with lights that are low maintenance and energy efficient, recessed downlighting is the way to go. There are a variety of options to choose from ranging from 3.5 inches to 10 inches. Choose from different color temperatures, brightness, and dimmable fixtures. Recessed downlights are sure to make any room appear bigger or can even be used to accent a certain area of a room. Voila 4″ downlights and wall washers are available in round and square apertures with Open Frame, IC and CCEA housings, all requiring less than 4″ of plenum depth. Downlights adjust 30º vertically with screw thread mechanism and rotate 360º horizontally. Using HyFlex optics, field-interchangeable beam angles range from 10º to 90º. Programmable luminaire light output is available up to 2800 lumens.

A recessed light or downlight (also pot light in Canadian English, sometimes can light in American English) is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight. Consider how the size and style of the lights will complement surrounding fixtures and fittings. If a series of downlights will be installed, consider spacing and maintenance requirements, including the frequency of bulb changing. Consider ease of installation, the number lights required and the light source. LED lighting consumes less energy and lasts longer than halogen bulbs, but is less bright.

John Cullen are very excited to announce our latest product – revolutionise your joinery lighting with the Minim. They can come as either a fixed downlight or directional version. Some are also available with different beam widths which add additional flexibility – narrow, medium or wide. The bezel shape can also be different from round, square to rectangle. IP ie waterproof versions are available for wet areas such as the bathroom. Understanding the color temperature of light is key in lighting design.

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