GE offers a comprehensive range of instrument transformers up to 1,200 kV including high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, Magnetic Voltage Transformers, Combined Metering Units, Capacitor Voltage Transformer, GIS Voltage Transformers and Power Voltage Transformers. In addition to our standard current transformers for operation up to 400 A we also offer modular solutions, such as three CTs in one housing for simplified assembly in poly-phase meters or versions with built-in shielding for protection against external magnetic fields.

Current flowing through the conductor generates an alternating magnetic field that rotates around it. This field is concentrated by the clamp’s iron core, inducing a flow of current in the secondary windings in the meter. Most if not allĀ of our competitors, including ITL were routinely offering lead times of 5,6,7+ weeks for protection current transformers and measuring current transformers , whether it be an indoor transformer , outdoor transformer or severe environment transformer types. Comprehensive range of indoor MV current transformers, for measurement and protection.

High output (Burden/knee point voltage/Accuracy Limiting Voltage) with minimum excitation current and better accuracy class can be provided on the CT if primary current is higher. TC CLIP series of current transformers are compact in size for easy integration in electrical installations without disconnecting the power cables. The CT-LS 1 A and 5 A Secondary Current Transformers offer a compact, cost-effective means of measuring primary current.

Our team is able to customize your order in order to help you achieve the optimum current transformer solution in terms of size, ratio, accuracy, multiple taps, contacts, mounting options, and burden rating. Therefore, the current transformer is used to supply the current signal proportional to the primary scale to the protection and measurement, while the voltage transformer is used to supply the voltage signal proportional to the primary scale to the protection and measurement. Secondary output of the current transformer is the secondary current which is directly proportional to the primary current, and the voltage is very low; However, secondary output of the voltage transformer is the secondary voltage which is directly proportional to the primary voltage, and the current is very low.

When the current transformer works, its secondary circuit is always closed, so the impedance of series coil of the measuring instrument and protection circuit are very small, and the working state of current transformer is close to short circuit. Therefore, full current of circuit often flows through it. It has more turns of secondary winding and is connected in series to measuring instrument and protection circuit. A current transformer is composed of closed cores and winding, it has few turns of primary winding and is connected in series to a circuit whose current needs to be measured.

Its secondary side current is 5A, that means the output rated current is 5A. It’s mainly used for electrical control, measurement, protection and signal. Window (toroidal) type: has no primary winding but instead has an opening in the core through which the conductor carrying the primary load current is passed.