How to measure the thickness of hot-dip galvanized coating? Hot-dip galvanizing is used for steel anti-corrosion. The main technology is through the product pickling-washing-assisting plating-drying-hanging-cooling-pharmaceutical-cleaning-grinding-hot galvanizing Completed. Since the standard electrode potential of zinc is negative to iron, the galvanized layer in water and humid air has the effect of sacrificing the anode to protect the steel base, 2.5 Inch Galvanized Steel Strip which can extend the service life of the steel. But after a long time, there will be consumption. The galvanized layer is the first factor that determines the anti-rust of steel. How can we measure the hot-dip galvanized coating?

According to the requirements of GB/T4596-1985, the method for measuring the thickness of the coating is mainly the magnetic thickness measurement method. It does not damage the surface of the tested product and is convenient to use. It is the most widely used method at present, but pay attention to the following points:

1. Purchase a magnetic thickness gauge with stable performance;

2. The thickness gauge should be calibrated regularly. The standard sheet with metal cover should be used or the standard foil should be used. The accuracy of the latter is poor and the validity period is short.

3. When measuring the hot-dip galvanized workpiece, the side should be horizontal. If it must be measured vertically in the vertical direction or from the bottom to the top, it should be calibrated according to the above position;

4. With the position of the plated parts in the hot-dip galvanizing pot and the order after leaving the zinc liquid, different measurement results can be obtained when determining the measuring surface, and it is necessary to ensure that the thickness of each position of the hot-dip galvanized plated parts is not lower than the specified minimum. value.

Another method for measuring the thickness of the hot-dip galvanized layer is the weighing method. The weighing method is to dissolve the hot-dip galvanized coating in the de-plating solution by the selected sample, and to measure the mass change before and after the dissolution, and calculate the plating layer. Plating amount.

How to measure the thickness of hot-dip galvanized coating? The content is here. The latter method of measuring the plating is relatively cumbersome, so it is less used. It is only used as a means of arbitration when the user disagrees with the result of the magnetic method.